Coronavirus (COVID – 19) Policy

My priority is to keep you as safe as possible and prior to reopening I have received a Certificate of Achievement in Covid – 19 Certification 2020, the Health and Safety & Hygiene – Returning to work Covid -19 course and also Barbicide Covid-19 Certification.

A full Covid- 19 risk assessment of my premises has been conducted and all procedures are now in place. 

I will be initially taking limited bookings with priority for clients who had appointments which were cancelled during lockdown. Please note appointment times are currently no longer than one hour as per  FHT guidance.

If you are shielding I am unable to provide any treatments at this time as per FHT guidance.  If you are extremely clinically vulnerable or clinically vulnerable please contact your doctor explaining which treatments you would like to check if should go ahead. Please see the following link for lists of extremely clinically vulnerable and clinically vulnerable.


I will..

  • Check I am in good health before you arrive for your treatment including taking my temperature, if myself or anyone in my house or bubble has symptoms of Covid-19 I will self isolate immediately and cancel your appointment.

  • You will be greeted warmly but no personal contact or handshakes.

  • Wash my hands in accordance with public health England recommendations before and after treatment.

  • Follow government and FHT guidelines on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • Sanitize non-porous materials, e.g. massage couch and equipment.

  • Wash porous materials e.g. towels at 60 C temperature between each client.

  • Replace couch roll and other disposable materials between clients.

  • Ventilate the treatment room.

  • Items such as cushions, magazines, fluffy socks and electric blanket have been removed from the treatment room.

  • Wear durable, disposable gloves when sanitizing the treatment room, which will be done between each client from my checklist. I will be allowing at least 30 minutes between clients for cleaning and ventilation.

  • Maintain social distancing before and after the treatment.

  • I will take your temperature on arrival with a digital thermometer.

  • You will be asked to...

  • Complete a COVID-19 form sent via Jot form the day before your treatment, it is essential that this form is completed.

  • Contact me to re-schedule if you or anyone you have been in contact at with has any symptoms of COVID-19.

  • At your appointment:

  • Please wear a face mask/covering or I can supply one for £1. Your mask will need to be removed for facial massage only just before it starts and then put back on immediately afterwards please, these are government rules for close contact services.

  • Bring a bottle of water for your refreshment, no drinks will be served.

  • Please bring minimal belongings, you will be given a plastic box to put your things in, this box is sanitized between each client.

  • Please come alone for your treatment, only one client will be allowed in the treatment room at this time.

  • Please arrive at the agreed time, not early and park on the drive rather than the road, there maybe one or two cars on there but plenty of room to park behind them. Please wait in the car and call or message me to say you have arrived. Please ensure social distancing before and after the treatment, 

  • Please stick to appointment timing as time is needed between clients for cleaning.

  • Please use your own toilet facilities before setting off for your appointment to reduce the likelihood of needing to use the bathroom, but I do appreciate that some may need to use the toilet, I have disposable paper towels for drying hands and a pedal bin for the waste.

  • Use the hand sanitizer provided upon arrival.

  • Please us the tissues provided to cough or sneeze into.

  • Please pay by card or bank transfer or have the exact amount of cash.

  • All of these procedures have been implemented for your safety and mine. I will continue to take advice from the government, NHS and FHT regarding safe practice and will amend as necessary. Thank you for your support


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